5 Strict Reasons Deejays (DJs) don't play Up and Coming Artistes’ Songs

5 Reasons Disc Jokey (DJs) don’t play Upcoming Artiste Songs

Strict Reasons Disc Jokeys (DJs) founds it Difficults Playing upcoming Artiste songs.

5 Strict Reasons Deejays (DJs) don't play Up and Coming Artistes’ Songs

Low Sound Quality

Every disc jokey (djs) knows the sound quality of the song mixing he offers to his present audience.

Majority of songs DJs plays at Occasions are Top Musician songs due to the familiarity and trending of the song,

in other hand, the High sound quality has always contributed to the confidence of the Deejays.

After the investigation we made, it comes to our notice one of the reasons most Deejays don’t finds interest in playing Up and Coming Artistes’ songs is low sound quality.

Poor Mixing & Mastering

Standard mixing and mastering of Songs Deejays do plays at events influences the Deejaying to stand out.

Poor mixing and mastering of Upcoming Artistes’ songs has gotten most of the Pro Deejays in the industry

To overlook and never initiates interests to them.

If Upcoming Artiste can skip poor Music production in General.

There would be a great opportunity for their songs being played by some Deejays (DJs).

Lack of Minimum Promotions

Nowadays DJs has adapted the strategies of playing trending songs at Bars, Hotels and other public events.

Due to the familiarity of the buzzing song, people may include it on playlist request to the event Deejay.

This is the need why every music artiste, mainly upcoming should make it priority to give their released songs at least minimum promotion.

Evidence of Wack Songs

This is the worsen aspect of the issue, every wack songs both the lyrics and its beats is prohibited by Disc Jokey (DJs).

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Sincerely nobody would listen to wack sound despites the producer or how much the production has cost.

As tolerant upcoming art, producing wack songs can terminate your music career

this is because nobody will listen to music that has no value, in the same manner no Deejay (DJ) will play,

playlist or include it among other mixes to the public consumption.

Public Interest

Yes in some respect, public interests makes decisions of music Deejays plays.

The interest relates to the events, for proper understanding,

Clubbing music can not be public interest at marriage events.

This has being one of the reasons Deejays don’t play upcoming artiste songs.

In summary, the best every artiste would offer to his or her music career is Good Sound Quality.

sometimes good sound quality songs founds it route to people’s ear by merely sharing.

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