5 Ways To Promote Music Online Independently in 2021

5 Simple Ways To Promote Music Online Independently As Upcoming Artiste.

How to meet real Music fans as Upcoming Artiste

Music Promotion has being a very difficult

Stage of music making especially to every

Upcoming artiste who plays the game independently.

There are many ways independent artistes can promote

Music to reach out many fans.

1. Social Media Music Promotion.

Social media has being the king of online

music promotion and marketing from

The decade. During music release artiste is

expected to post music link to his or her social

media handles such as Facebook, Instagram

and Twitter.This link is the followed track to the

Music digital platforms where the music has been

distributed, not only that, loyal fans shares good crafts,

You can plead for repost/share from fans and supporters.

Still ask for 30 seconds video recording from fans to get

Reposted as the music challenge, this would help to

getting your music viral specially on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

2. WhatsApp Music Promotion

Majority of Upcoming Artiste don’t know the positive power of

WhatsApp content promotion basically music.

Not knowing the secret promotion behind

the whatsApp status and groups.With over Millions of users

All over the world, WhatsApp is another powerful key of online

Music promotions. As an Upcoming Artiste, create a WhatsApp

group Team, this whatsapp group team gets your music

shared on status, groups and individually.

3. Email Music Promotion

Email List building and marketing should be one of the

Upcoming Artiste Attitude, Record Labels, PR Agencies and

Top Musicians uses email newsletter to capture their real fans.

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It’s highly recommended for every Artiste especially Upcoming,

Who hopes for breakout in the industry.Before building Artiste email list,

it’s recommendable for every artiste to create personal website.

4. Electronic Press kit

Press Kit also known as Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a media

kit in business environments, it is well stated as pre-packaged

materials set for promotional purposes that provides specific

informations about a person, company, organization

5. Music Playlisting Pitching

Playlisting is another means of getting your music listened

By the real digital stores users such as iTunes/Apple Music,

Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, SoundCloud and many others.

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