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M.Star Nice Biography, Age, Music Career Net Worth and Education

M.Star Nice Biography, Age, Music Career Net Worth and Education

Anigbo Michael Chukwudubem also known as M.Star Nice is a Nigerian Afrobeats Singer and Songwriter

Anigbo Michael Chukwudubem also known as M.Star Nice is a Nigerian Afrobeats Singer and Songwriter

M.Star Nice was born in 14 January 2001 as the second son with two other siblings In the family of Anigbo Gilbert Ekemezie and Stella Anigbo N. hailing from Njikoka Local Government Area in Enugwu-Ukwu٫ Anambra state٫ Nigeria.

M.Star Nice Biography, Age, Music Career  Net Worth and Education

M.Star Nice attended his primary education at Practicing primary school in year 2005 – 2011And Secondary level at Community Secondary School in year 2011 – 2018

The fast incoming artiste٫ Nice is a Christian and single as of the year 2023٫ his Net Worth – 30k US Dollars at 22

Have in touch with the Talented singer on all social platforms:

Instagram: nice

Twitter: nice

Facebook: nice

YouTube: nice

Biography conspiracies @Africvibes

How To Reduce The Spread Of Malaria In Africa


As the day break, the number of death caused by malaria keeps increasing. And what is dis heartening about this.

Is most of the death caused malaria happen in Africa in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Congo and so many of them .

In the year 2020 malaria lead to the death of over 627,000 people on earth.

And what is more buzzing, is according World Health Organizations (WHO), 95% of such cases happened in Africa.

And estimation has it, that as the year goes by the number keeps increasing.

This is where we get to ask our self, what are we not doing right. What are those measures we can put in place to reducing the number of malaria cases in Africa.

This is what this article would be centered on, but before we go into details on “How To Prevent Spread Of Malaria in Africa“.

Let’s take a good look at;

  • What Is Malaria
  • Causes Of Malaria 
  • Symptoms Of Malaria 
  • Possible Treatment Of Malaria & lastly
  • How One Can Prevent The Spread Of Malaria


Malaria is a disease or illness which is caused by a parasite known as Plasmodium. One get this Plasmodium parasite when an infected female mosquitoes bites the individual.

According to research, there are 5 well known parasite that cause malaria in a human body.

But 2 from this 5 are mostly feared and this is because they cause most threat in the human body.

And if not treated as soon as possible, can cause more complications in the human body.

The two parasite include;

  1. P. falciparum
  2. P. vivax

Though the two a very dangerous to human body but P. falciparum has been known to be the deadliest.

And is commonly seen in Africa.

While the other parasite P. vivax is not really deadly but is commonly seen in Europe and other countries outside Africa.

Even though malaria can be treated, but if not treated on time it could result to.

Anemia, Mental Complications, Kidney Failure,  Coma, Jaundice and worst of all Death.

This is why it advisable for one to regularly treat them self of malaria disease.

Because it can be in your system without the individual not knowing


How To Reduce The Spread Of Malaria In Africa

Malaria disease is caused of one of the most hated insect on earth, which is mosquitoes.

A lot of people in Africa have this belief that mosquito bite is already common to their system, and can’t cause much harm to their body system.

And every year,

this bites which they see as common and can’t do anything to their body system.

Has led to the death of their friends and family members without them even knowing the cause of death.

This is why it is advisable to start lecturing people in Africa about the harmful things Mosquitos can do to their body system.

So they would stop seeing it as a common insect bite.

And always visit a physician when ever they get bite by the insect.


There are lots of symptoms someone who has malaria portrays,

But we are going to be taking a look at the common symptoms.

Which includes;

  1. Fever
  2. Shaking of the body
  3. Headaches
  4. Body being weak and always tired
  5. Pain in the chest
  6. Vomiting


How To Reduce The Spread Of Malaria In Africa

When a person contacts malaria he or she would notice increase of his or her body temperature, and this would lead to the individuals body being very hot.


When one has malaria, the individual would notice that his or her body will always be shaking at every little interval.

In some cases the person might find it relatable hard to stand on his own.


How To Reduce The Spread Of Malaria In Africa

One extra that is noticeable about someone who has Malaria, is the very painful headache that the individual would be having.

Most people will see it as just common, and rely on taking pain relief drugs not knowing what they need is malaria treatment.

And this is why, it is not advisable to self medicate your self. Ones you notice any symptoms start developing in your body.

Do your self the go to visit a physician who would administrate the proper drugs for you.


Another symptoms is weakness of the body, an individual would notice that he or she is always weak with even doing much work.

The individual wont have the strength to go about his or her normal daily activities.

Which use to be a normal routine for the individual.


How To Reduce The Spread Of Malaria In Africa

When an individual start to develop chest pain, which, are one of the rare symptoms of malaria.


Vomiting of undigested or food substances in the body is also a symptom of that malaria is in the body system of an individual.


It is easier to treat malaria, when it is fresh in the body of an individual.

That’s why its good, for the individual to visit a physician when he or she starts developing symptoms of malaria.

By then the individual will be in need of more money to treat and kill of the malaria in their body.

The treatment of malaria is the work of a physician, who is behind administration of the malaria drugs.

Even though some malaria are usually resistance to the drugs.

The physician will then have to administrate two or more drugs  to the individual, so as to help kill the malaria faster

Some of the drugs used in curing malaria include;

  • Artemisinin drugs (artemether and artesunate).
  • Atovaquone (Mepron).
  • Chloroquine. There are parasites that are resistant to this medication.
  • Doxycycline (Doxy-100, Monodox, Oracle).
  • Mefloquine.
  • Quinine.
  • Primaquine.

Some of this drugs have reaction on individual bodies, be sure to communicate to your physician, if your body reacts harshly to any of them


I know a lot of questions is roving in your mind, and the first one should be.

How preventable is malaria

And the answer is 100% Yes.

Malaria can be treated, if you do this simple things

  • Taking malaria drugs ahead of time, before traveling to areas known for having mosquitoes
  • Covering your bed with nets, not just any how net but medicated ones
  • Keeping your environment clean from dirt 
  • Covering your windows or doors with net or screen
  • Going to bed with cloths that covers your body from mosquitoes
  • Visiting a physician when you notice symptoms of malaria in your body system. 

With all this done, you have successfully prevented your self from malaria.

Now down to what our article is all about, which is;


  1. Creating Awareness About Malaria
  2. Government Should Allocate More Money To The Health Sector
  3. Free Treatment For Malaria
  4. Free Mosquito Net For Homes In Africa
  5. Training Of African Health Workers


Like i stated in the beginning of this article, most citizens of african countries eg

Nigeria, Ghana, Congo don’t know the dangerous threat mosquitoes have of the body system.

Most individuals know what is malaria, but they do not know the caus of the disease malaria.

But with the help of World Health Organizations & Government this can be reduced

As they can start creating more awareness about malaria, where they go and give people lecture and information about

Malaria, it cause and possible treatment of the disease


Because of the corruption in most Africa country, some government has Neglected the health sector in their country.

While they allocate money for building roads and infrastructure they should also allocate such money to the health sector.

Because with this, they can provide more malaria drugs and employ workers who are going to help with the treatment of the disease in their various country.


When you talk with a lot of people in Africa on why they do not go to hospital to treat themselves off malaria.

Most of them hold on to the fact, they don’t have enough money to eat talk more of going to a hospital.

It would be good if the Government in African, provide their citizen with free treatment for malaria.


There was a time some countries in Africa did this, but along the line they Stopped, and i don’t really know why.

If every house hold in Africa has the opportunity to get them selves at least one free mosquito net.

This would definitely reduce the number of people who will get infected by malaria in that house hold.


I think Africa government should take their workers for training and seminars, where they learn new ways by which malaria are being treated.

Example the USA have not up 2000 death caused by malaria, and the number keeps reducing, every single year.

And this is because their government have spent a lot of money training their health workers and making sure, they have the knowledge needed for the treatment of malaria

Which i believe we in Africa can do the same thing, snd of cause have the same result.

Don Dannyel Biography: Profile, Early life, Career, Songs and Lifestyle

Asika Daniel Childera best known as Don Dannyel is a Nigerian Fast Rising Artiste who hails Njaba Local Government Area in IMO State.

Don Dannel Biography
Don Dannyel

Born on February 24 2003. Don Dannyel is an Independent Artist who Specialized on hip pop, Rap and song writing .

He graduated from Caring Hand College looking forward to enter high institution he lives in lagos state Nigeria.

[Download mp3] Virtue Boy – In Love

Virtue Boy In Love

Nigerian talented fast rising singer/songwriter,

Virtue Boy returned another love-mind blowing

Song titled: In Love , Sound produced by Davdon Production

This came after his last released single tagged “Burst My Brain

Listen, Download & Share “Virtue Boy – In Love”

Meet Nigerian one of the most Amazing Singers of our Time – Queen Vivy

Meet Queen Vivy, One of the Nigerian most incredible Singers of our Time.

Queen Vivy’s first visit to the Recording studio, through her amazing lyrics guided by her melodious voice.

Meet Nigerian one of the most incredible Singers of our Time - Queen Vivy
Queen Vivy

We were able to understand deeply the creative vocals craftsmanship from a teenager’s point of view

And from then we instantly discovered Vivy has the potentials of becoming the new face and voice of the music industry.

Despites all these years of working underground with her, we’ve never let her out of our sight.

She’s not just an amazing artiste, But all round entertainer who can model, sing & dance as well.

She’s is an exceptional songtress who comes with a lot of energy in her music and we are sure that we will memorable great things together.

It’s been a wonderful experience working behind the scene with her, Queen Vivy is a bunch of talents,

We are actually forming this collaboration as part of our objectives to deliver dynamic growth for our artistes.

Our mission is to help talents achieving their musical goals with our infrastructure, unique experience and diverse team.

This exact collaboration is vital for the growth of music and entertainment industry as General.

We’re deeply in search for artists who are willing and can concentrate in the music buisness,

Talented ones who can make sacrifices and also find it important to invest in him/herself no matter the present situation,

Multiple talents who really wants to take music of the East & South East to somewhere newer and bigger.

And that’s exactly what we found in Queen Vivy

Cc. M’krunky Entertainment ( M’piece – M’Krunky Mix )

Inspiration behind the song ‘Be Saved – Diri

Now let’s talk about the cover art and what the song is about.

The bet papers at the right represent ‘gambling’,

The bread at the left represents ‘junk foods’…

I think it obvious what the other two represent.

From a parent to uncles, friends, co-workers etc,

I’ve watched people i love struggle with different types of addiction.

I myself have been struggling through a couple (that people might see as “minor”)

And i still haven’t really found a song that speaks about this topic as well as i expect,

A song i could listen to before and when the urge comes…

A song i could relate to even after I relapse.

You must be wondering why I chose ‘bread’ as the representative out of all junk foods…

Well, anyone that knows me well knows my history with bread,

I eat way too much of it, I can consume 500 naira bread with a few minutes,

and this has been huge threat to my saving and spending habits, aside from that,

I have gone through years of serious tooth ache (due to the excess sugar),

And yet i still won’t leave bread alone!. So, after finishing 450 naira bread one afternoon,

I grabbed my phone, went to my ‘note’ app and wrote this!, “BE SAVED“.

Kolaboy – I am signed under my mother’s Prayer for Life

I am Signed under My Mother’s Prayer For Life – Kolaboy Revealed

This Statement was accompanied by the post he made on his social media handles towards his new Record Label known as “ODIA RECORDS” on Tuesday 29th 2021.

Kolaboy is making it known to all sundry of his mother’s grace towards him, the effectiveness of his mother’s prayers upon his life and music career and kindhearted his mumsy could bears.

With the style and Genre of his music, Kolaboy recorded and released a song Relating to mother’s love he entitled:- “Hello Mumsy”, which is also featured on his album “The Story Teller

Kolaboy, Kolaboy biography

But before then, he has being getting viral from the right time he released “Collect” featuring Wonder J. and other singles.

His most wanted single ‘They didn’t caught me’ featuring Harrysong took his music career a lead as the multi-talented Singer/Rapper keeps the sky his starting point.

Sparkle Tee Songs that Elevated his Music Career to Successful Spotlight

List of Sparkles Tee 4 Songs that turned his music Career to Success

Sparkle Tee the well known 046 Onitsha finest singer who recently bursted out with street made song “ Hustle Dot Com

has in records 4 singles that changed his music career into success.

The said Timothy Eberechukwu Ezekiel was really making it big in music, in those days he released

Best singles like:- ‘Opiawa, Aza, Do Giveaway, Time No Dey, Gbam, Just one day, Woo (Olamide Cover), and other related songs.

Among all these, none skyrocketed him to the milestone as a music star

until he delivered ‘Filling Station’ a prayer song that touches every hustler.

Sparkle Tee
Sparkle Tee

Not longtime he came through with ‘My Guy’ following ‘Talk Am Season 1-3’,

comic song that Describes Majority of Nigerian Celebrities and their funny manners of doing things.

Sparkle Tee got reposted by Nigerian Celebrities like E-Money, Cubana Chief Priest, Poco lee and others in supporting the new singles.

At this stage and level of Grace that’s upon him, he delivered street made song ‘Hustle Dot Com’ that got viral

and braked the barrier of him being an unrecognized star and grants him the opportunity of meeting Cubana Chief Priest, Obi Cubana

And other successful stories that follows.