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Different between Blogging, Promotions And Hyping of Music

In this Era where Music Industry is too competitive, Artiste should be wise and clever enough to get the insight of secrets and Strategic of blogging, promotions and Hyping and the difference between the three categories of Music And Artiste Campaign.

Especially Upcoming Artiste who wants to break the barrier and gets to the top should know the differences when planning to release music, otherwise nothing would seems to have been done after the music release.

The Differences is made clear in this Article to help Artiste especially up and coming ones.


Blogging of Music is uploading of Songs/Music Video, songs description and Artwork on as many websites possible without getting posted on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even sharing of the links on WhatsApp to reach many fans.

This is the poorest means of Releasing music that has affected many music careers negatively. It’s usually done by majority of upcoming artiste of nowadays due to financial instability and sometimes lack of industry connections.


Promotion of Music is another aspects of taking Blogged songs/music videos to wider Audience.

This can be done by many methods such as:- Sharing of songs/music video links on social media handles/pages that got massive attention from fans.

Airing the songs/music video on Major and Minor Radio stations and TV Channels across the cities and nationwide.Submission to online mixtapes, Alaba Mixtapes and Other Publicites.

It’s very Advisable for all artiste to discuss with the Promoter(s) properly to mark the extent the BLOGGING and PROMOTIONS should last.

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Hyping of music is another relationship between Promotion in other to make a song steady trending. Hyping of music is done by different ways.


Press release is the statement compiled and delivered for the purpose of information

Majority of released music that becomes hits and got viral was accompanied by press releases.

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