Audiomack, Audiomack Monetization

How Music Artist and Content Creators can Monetize Audiomack Streams and Downloads

Audiomack, Audiomack Monetization

Audiomack is one of the leading music

stream and download Platform with over

millions of songs catalog, it has two major

subscription plans for the users,

free and premium plan.It’s also a field of creativities

For Artiste and content creators all over the world.

musicians and content creators has the

opportunities to upload music, podcast and

other original content free.

The awesome goodnews is that Audiomack

Plays/Streams monetization is now available

To all Music Artist and content creators.

Monetization previously available only

in US, UK and Canada, the news becomes

True, monetization is now available to all

content creators and Artiste.The great

opportunity that lies for every artiste and

Content creators to make money from

their passions of creativities.

How to Apply for Audiomack Monetization

Audiomack Monetization is now available

To all artiste and content creators worldwide.

There are certain qualifications that guarantees

Streams/plays monetizations, Artiste/Content

Creator must have gained minimum of 25 Real

Audiomack followers, before Account is due for

Authentication and verification for monetization

the Audiomack Artiste or content creator page

must have gained at least 25 real followers.

This is to testify the reality and ownership

of the account.

2. Artiste/Content Creators must have at least 2 uploads

Two Audio clip uploads is the minimum required numbers of songs the account should have.

3. Minimum of 5000 Streams/Plays on the Account

Every eligible account due for Authentication

and Monetization must have at least 5000 plays,

No bots plays, otherwise the account will be

disqualified for Authentication.

The account page maybe banned and taken

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down if any fake plays is discovered.

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