Diri - Be Saved

Inspiration behind the song ‘Be Saved – Diri

Now let’s talk about the cover art and what the song is about.

The bet papers at the right represent ‘gambling’,

The bread at the left represents ‘junk foods’…

I think it obvious what the other two represent.

From a parent to uncles, friends, co-workers etc,

I’ve watched people i love struggle with different types of addiction.

I myself have been struggling through a couple (that people might see as “minor”)

And i still haven’t really found a song that speaks about this topic as well as i expect,

A song i could listen to before and when the urge comes…

A song i could relate to even after I relapse.

You must be wondering why I chose ‘bread’ as the representative out of all junk foods…

Well, anyone that knows me well knows my history with bread,

I eat way too much of it, I can consume 500 naira bread with a few minutes,

and this has been huge threat to my saving and spending habits, aside from that,

I have gone through years of serious tooth ache (due to the excess sugar),

And yet i still won’t leave bread alone!. So, after finishing 450 naira bread one afternoon,

I grabbed my phone, went to my ‘note’ app and wrote this!, “BE SAVED“.

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