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Meet Nigerian one of the most Amazing Singers of our Time – Queen Vivy

Meet Queen Vivy, One of the Nigerian most incredible Singers of our Time.

Queen Vivy’s first visit to the Recording studio, through her amazing lyrics guided by her melodious voice.

Meet Nigerian one of the most incredible Singers of our Time - Queen Vivy
Queen Vivy

We were able to understand deeply the creative vocals craftsmanship from a teenager’s point of view

And from then we instantly discovered Vivy has the potentials of becoming the new face and voice of the music industry.

Despites all these years of working underground with her, we’ve never let her out of our sight.

She’s not just an amazing artiste, But all round entertainer who can model, sing & dance as well.

She’s is an exceptional songtress who comes with a lot of energy in her music and we are sure that we will memorable great things together.

It’s been a wonderful experience working behind the scene with her, Queen Vivy is a bunch of talents,

We are actually forming this collaboration as part of our objectives to deliver dynamic growth for our artistes.

Our mission is to help talents achieving their musical goals with our infrastructure, unique experience and diverse team.

This exact collaboration is vital for the growth of music and entertainment industry as General.

We’re deeply in search for artists who are willing and can concentrate in the music buisness,

Talented ones who can make sacrifices and also find it important to invest in him/herself no matter the present situation,

Multiple talents who really wants to take music of the East & South East to somewhere newer and bigger.

And that’s exactly what we found in Queen Vivy

Cc. M’krunky Entertainment ( M’piece – M’Krunky Mix )