Swanky Papaya Biography: Early Life, Music Career, Songs and Lifestyle

Swanky Papaya Biography:

Early Life, Music Career, Songs and Lifestyle.

Ezechukwu John Ezeakonam professionally known as Swanky Papaya, A.K.A Eze Egwu Worldwide is a Nigerian Singer, Songwriter & Comic Actor.

Swanky Papaya
Swanky Papaya

Birth Name: Ezechukwu John Ezeakonam

Birth Date: 12 September 2000

State Of Origin: Anambra State, Nigeria.

Occupation: Singer ,Songwriter, Comic Actor

Music Genre: Highlife and Afropop

Songs: onye bu onye, ofu obi Amaka ,nwanne maru nwanne ya ,eriri eji eke ego , uchechukwu ka mma and many more

Producer: Engineer Chiboy Philip (Studio)

Swanky Papaya
Swanky Papaya


Born and raised in Anaku Ayamelum Local Government Area, Anambra state, Nigeria,

Swanky Papaya successfully attended his primary school at Umuezeagu Primary School Nnaku,

And completed his secondary School levels at Ogbe High School Anaku in Anambra state, Nigeria.

He was among one of the most brilliant student , with good motives, respect and talented.


He started his Musical Career fully in 2021 when he dropped “onye bu onye” which accorded him an Award as Best Upcoming Artist in 2021 at Igbo Music Entertainment.

Don Dannyel Biography: Profile, Early life, Career, Songs and Lifestyle

Asika Daniel Childera best known as Don Dannyel is a Nigerian Fast Rising Artiste who hails Njaba Local Government Area in IMO State.

Don Dannel Biography
Don Dannyel

Born on February 24 2003. Don Dannyel is an Independent Artist who Specialized on hip pop, Rap and song writing .

He graduated from Caring Hand College looking forward to enter high institution he lives in lagos state Nigeria.

How To Meet Real Music Fans As Upcoming Artiste

4 Steps On how to meet your real fans as upcoming Artiste

How to meet real Music fans as Upcoming Artiste

There is a need for an upcoming artiste to meet his Real fans that will value his music in as much as music making is concerned.

Meeting your real fans earns a lot of benefits as an upcoming artiste.

Music Royalties starts coming from streaming digital stores whenever real fans is attached.

Show business starts calling when real fans is assured.

1. Music Promotion And Marketing

Music promotion and marketing has being the perfect strategies of reaching out to real music fans depending the Genres and Styles of Music.

Music promotion is the first steps of moving forward after production.

Music promotion and marketing can be done independently or Massively so as to reach number of Audience

2. Don’t stick to one Genre or style of Music until you verify your Fanbase

It’s mandatory for every successful musician to make music pertaining to majority of genres.

from Hip-hop to Afropop and other styles of music making,

Differents styles or genres of music helps Artiste to understands the Audience and

The genres of music that sells the best under his or her fanbase.

3. Move Away from your Zone or Resident

Your Real fans may not be in your zone, street or hood and that is why you should not stick to your residents.

As an upcoming artiste who is wanting to make it big in the music industry,

You should never rely on your residents. Visit many places during the promotion of your music

So as to reach your true fans. Music lovers of one particular genre or style maybe that of your area due to relations of music trending.

Nevertheless if you sing about Love , also sing about Money and even go ahead of singing about God.

In as much as you are talented.

4. Seek Advice and guidance from Music professional Personnel

Majority of upcoming artiste doesn’t seek advice and guidance from music professionals anymore because they feels of doing it alone.

Hell no! Music is never made alone successfully, music is a business that’s why every upcoming artiste should seek the knowledge and get the real insight.

Meet Nigerian one of the most Amazing Singers of our Time – Queen Vivy

Meet Queen Vivy, One of the Nigerian most incredible Singers of our Time.

Queen Vivy’s first visit to the Recording studio, through her amazing lyrics guided by her melodious voice.

Meet Nigerian one of the most incredible Singers of our Time - Queen Vivy
Queen Vivy

We were able to understand deeply the creative vocals craftsmanship from a teenager’s point of view

And from then we instantly discovered Vivy has the potentials of becoming the new face and voice of the music industry.

Despites all these years of working underground with her, we’ve never let her out of our sight.

She’s not just an amazing artiste, But all round entertainer who can model, sing & dance as well.

She’s is an exceptional songtress who comes with a lot of energy in her music and we are sure that we will memorable great things together.

It’s been a wonderful experience working behind the scene with her, Queen Vivy is a bunch of talents,

We are actually forming this collaboration as part of our objectives to deliver dynamic growth for our artistes.

Our mission is to help talents achieving their musical goals with our infrastructure, unique experience and diverse team.

This exact collaboration is vital for the growth of music and entertainment industry as General.

We’re deeply in search for artists who are willing and can concentrate in the music buisness,

Talented ones who can make sacrifices and also find it important to invest in him/herself no matter the present situation,

Multiple talents who really wants to take music of the East & South East to somewhere newer and bigger.

And that’s exactly what we found in Queen Vivy

Cc. M’krunky Entertainment ( M’piece – M’Krunky Mix )

Inspiration behind the song ‘Be Saved – Diri

Now let’s talk about the cover art and what the song is about.

The bet papers at the right represent ‘gambling’,

The bread at the left represents ‘junk foods’…

I think it obvious what the other two represent.

From a parent to uncles, friends, co-workers etc,

I’ve watched people i love struggle with different types of addiction.

I myself have been struggling through a couple (that people might see as “minor”)

And i still haven’t really found a song that speaks about this topic as well as i expect,

A song i could listen to before and when the urge comes…

A song i could relate to even after I relapse.

You must be wondering why I chose ‘bread’ as the representative out of all junk foods…

Well, anyone that knows me well knows my history with bread,

I eat way too much of it, I can consume 500 naira bread with a few minutes,

and this has been huge threat to my saving and spending habits, aside from that,

I have gone through years of serious tooth ache (due to the excess sugar),

And yet i still won’t leave bread alone!. So, after finishing 450 naira bread one afternoon,

I grabbed my phone, went to my ‘note’ app and wrote this!, “BE SAVED“.

Different between Blogging, Promotions And Hyping of Music

In this Era where Music Industry is too competitive, Artiste should be wise and clever enough to get the insight of secrets and Strategic of blogging, promotions and Hyping and the difference between the three categories of Music And Artiste Campaign.

Especially Upcoming Artiste who wants to break the barrier and gets to the top should know the differences when planning to release music, otherwise nothing would seems to have been done after the music release.

The Differences is made clear in this Article to help Artiste especially up and coming ones.


Blogging of Music is uploading of Songs/Music Video, songs description and Artwork on as many websites possible without getting posted on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even sharing of the links on WhatsApp to reach many fans.

This is the poorest means of Releasing music that has affected many music careers negatively. It’s usually done by majority of upcoming artiste of nowadays due to financial instability and sometimes lack of industry connections.


Promotion of Music is another aspects of taking Blogged songs/music videos to wider Audience.

This can be done by many methods such as:- Sharing of songs/music video links on social media handles/pages that got massive attention from fans.

Airing the songs/music video on Major and Minor Radio stations and TV Channels across the cities and nationwide.Submission to online mixtapes, Alaba Mixtapes and Other Publicites.

It’s very Advisable for all artiste to discuss with the Promoter(s) properly to mark the extent the BLOGGING and PROMOTIONS should last.


Hyping of music is another relationship between Promotion in other to make a song steady trending. Hyping of music is done by different ways.


Press release is the statement compiled and delivered for the purpose of information

Majority of released music that becomes hits and got viral was accompanied by press releases.

Whizz Milli – Biography, Early life, Career, Songs and Lifestyle

Ojoko Nnabuike Professionally known as Whizz Milli a.k.a Bad man original born on 2nd feb. 1999, is a fast Rising Nigerian recording artist, songwriter, rapper, Singer Afro Artist and Stage Performer.

Whizz Milli Biography
Whizz Milli

He raps in English ,Igbo and nigerian popular pidgin-english.He is a native of Ebonyi state Izzi Local Government Area precisely where he was born and raised.

He started his music profession in the year 2006 at age 7.He loved music to the extent that he strived hard even though his parent never supported him or liked him for becoming a music artist because often times.

Many upcoming artist tried to make it to the top but unfortunately they failed and now roaming in the street so they wouldn’t want to see their son that way.

But despite his parents perception of music, Whizz milli never gave up, he kept moving on chasing his dream, working very hard all day and night to brake the record.

His father late Felix Ogbonna Ojoko was a farmer and a member of popular izzi traditional band group popularly known as 🅰🆈🅸🆃🅰 . He beat the big drum and a wooden drum called (EKETE and EBURU) He died in the year 2019 during the conflict between Ukele and izzi while his mother Mrs. Jenneth Ojoko is a trader.

Whizz milli Recorded his second legit single titled “MOST HIGH GOD ,” as produced by Rukky classic in oghara delta state in the year 2016. And he was also invited to record one song free by a popular producer T.life who later recorded a hit track titled “BIGI GOD” a hit single that got him a huge air play in Abakaliki and huge recognition.

His appearance has been of great impact in the music industry with songs like: KILELEYI, FAA ,NWAGU, END SARS and his annual music show which he usually host at his home town titled A NIGHT OF MILLI, that often count about or more than a million attendance every year.


He started recording in the studio after contesting for a talent hunt hosted by a radio presenter Mr. Ubong popularly known as Mr. Elyubee which whizz milli made it to the grand finale as the second rapper of the talent hunt.

Whizz Milli has worked with producers like:- X1, Rukky classic , Kas D and more, as of now ,whizz milli does barbing to feed and to support his Career.


As of now whizz milli is not Signed to any Record label or any record deal but hope to have one by the Grace of God.


Due to the demise of his father and lack of finance, he was unable to further his education after sitting for his WAEC.


Facebook: Whizz milli

Instagram: Whizz milli435


Kolaboy – I am signed under my mother’s Prayer for Life

I am Signed under My Mother’s Prayer For Life – Kolaboy Revealed

This Statement was accompanied by the post he made on his social media handles towards his new Record Label known as “ODIA RECORDS” on Tuesday 29th 2021.

Kolaboy is making it known to all sundry of his mother’s grace towards him, the effectiveness of his mother’s prayers upon his life and music career and kindhearted his mumsy could bears.

With the style and Genre of his music, Kolaboy recorded and released a song Relating to mother’s love he entitled:- “Hello Mumsy”, which is also featured on his album “The Story Teller

Kolaboy, Kolaboy biography

But before then, he has being getting viral from the right time he released “Collect” featuring Wonder J. and other singles.

His most wanted single ‘They didn’t caught me’ featuring Harrysong took his music career a lead as the multi-talented Singer/Rapper keeps the sky his starting point.

Sparkle Tee Songs that Elevated his Music Career to Successful Spotlight

List of Sparkles Tee 4 Songs that turned his music Career to Success

Sparkle Tee the well known 046 Onitsha finest singer who recently bursted out with street made song “ Hustle Dot Com

has in records 4 singles that changed his music career into success.

The said Timothy Eberechukwu Ezekiel was really making it big in music, in those days he released

Best singles like:- ‘Opiawa, Aza, Do Giveaway, Time No Dey, Gbam, Just one day, Woo (Olamide Cover), and other related songs.

Among all these, none skyrocketed him to the milestone as a music star

until he delivered ‘Filling Station’ a prayer song that touches every hustler.

Sparkle Tee
Sparkle Tee

Not longtime he came through with ‘My Guy’ following ‘Talk Am Season 1-3’,

comic song that Describes Majority of Nigerian Celebrities and their funny manners of doing things.

Sparkle Tee got reposted by Nigerian Celebrities like E-Money, Cubana Chief Priest, Poco lee and others in supporting the new singles.

At this stage and level of Grace that’s upon him, he delivered street made song ‘Hustle Dot Com’ that got viral

and braked the barrier of him being an unrecognized star and grants him the opportunity of meeting Cubana Chief Priest, Obi Cubana

And other successful stories that follows.

Kola Boy officially launched his Record Label “Odia Records ” as he celebrates with fans.

Nigerian East talented Singer/Rapper Chinonso Nwodo popularly known as Kolaboy finally presents his Record Label as “Odia Records”.

Kola boy announced the good news on his social media handles on Tuesday 29th july 2021 as he wrote

Kola boy record label
Kola boy

“Signed under my mother’s prayers for life🙏I present to you “ODIA RECORDS” a humble creation by myself and my brother @officailbenokoma we have always threaded on one thing, and that’s “grace” we believe in archiving greatness with almost nothing.”

“Thank you all for riding with me all these years, the best of me is about to be unveiled. We are open for investments and yes! Our shares can be sold also✅I love you all (odia!)”

The multi talented Singer Kola boy has being in the music game for a longtime ago as he has associated with A-List Nigerian music stars like:- Kizz Daniel, Masterkraft, Zoro, Slow Dog, Hanson Noni, Sparkle Tee, Ugoccie and other Entertainers.

He is well-known of his released singles and albums such as ‘Senator’ featuring Masterkraft and Zoro, ‘Debit Alert’ featuring Slow Dog, ‘Do You Really Like Me’ featuring Ugoccie and ‘ The Story Teller’ the Album that got him much recognitions and dedicated fans mostly from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

As the evidence of entertainment welcoming back to the East, we all at AfricVibes in unity and harmony joins to celebrating the Young star and his home Record Label “ODIA RECORDS”